Where the Sun Rises

“The human will, that force unseen. The offspring of a deathless soul, can hew a way to any goal though walls of granite intervene…” James Allen said it far more eloquently than I could, and when I think of what carried me through the difficulties, it wasn’t the fancy seat, or sporty shoes, but simply […]

Land’s End

When I think of what characterizes the west coast, a few simple words come to mind: Trees, mountains, wildlife, and, of course, rain. During my brief glimpse into the province of New Brunswick, those words seem to fit appropriately there too almost as if our country is symmetrical. Despite whatever similarities I found with the […]

The French Connection

In the span of over 2 months of travels, I have met many, many people. Some being mere acquaintances, while others making a more lasting impression and remaining cherished friends. Coincidentally, many of those lasting friends have been French, and my sequential meetings with them have piqued my curiosity and excitement for Quebec. Ironically, although […]

Once a friend, Never Distant

“Life is made of meetings and partings. That is the way of it” -Kermit the frog Although Kermit is essentially just polyester, these words are a resounding truth. It has been a long and rather hot journey into and through southern Ontario, but where northern Ontario had rich wilderness, a sparse populous, and challenging roads, […]

The Entourage

Having the massive province of Ontario, with all of its beautifully wild and uninhabited stretches between towns, next on the list, has made me very enthusiastic, especially considering there are three of us together. Ethan and Ronny, that I had met on my way out of Winnipeg, were more than happy to merge our two […]

New Beginnings

Since I’ve left home over a month ago, I feel have known many levels of fatigue, but the past week and a half has been something that I’m quite unused to. The prairies have been beautiful in their own unique way, and countless people have been so warm and shown me great kindness, but strangely […]

In the Sea of Sky

Entering Saskatchewan was not as glorious as I’d hoped. The prevailing wind has continued to mercilessly blow from the northeast, and it has been accompanied by rain and thunderstorms. But the weather, however hostile, is easily forgotten here in the land of overflowing hospitality. As southern Saskatchewan is made up of many unbelievably grand sized […]


When a child is born, it is considered to be one of the most joyful experiences for a parent to have. The newness of life contains, within it, an infinite number of possibilities or destinies, and the hope and anticipation of what that child will become makes it all the more beautiful. We were all […]

Under the Wheel of Stars

Now although I have travelled to a few places around the world, prior to starting this cycling journey, within the boundaries of Canada, I had only gone as far eastward as Calgary and Edmonton, so, sitting on the edge of Calgary overlooking the vast and open prairies ahead, I felt somewhat like humble Samwise from […]


So during all this struggle up and over the mountains, I was constantly pushing myself to reach the end of them, and now that they are behind me, I find that I miss those awe inspiring peaks. Banff was a nice tourist stop and although the town was stunning in so many ways, I actually […]